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Thank you for joining as a Kung Fu Training Secrets Member. In what ever member level you have chosen, the most important thing for me is to provide you with what you are searching for out here in cyber space. In order to do this I need to find out what that is.

Below is a general survey that I would like you to participate in. It is the information that YOU PROVIDE me with that determines what I PROVIDE you! So in order for me to fulfill what it is you want I request that you fill out the short and simple survey below so that I can do just that!

How did you find my site? If you used a search engine please let me know which one and what you typed into the search engine to get here!

What are you looking for here? Input your answer in the box below and check any other things that apply below.

Kung Fu Techniques/Lessons?
Kung Fu Fitness Drills?
Kung Fu Hand/Weapon Forms?
On Line Kung Fu Instructional Videos?
On Line Kung Fu Coaching?
On Line Kung Fu School?
Kung Fu Instruction on DVD?
On Line Womens Self Defense Techniques?
Anything Not Offered Above?

Do you currently have any martial arts experience? If yes, what style of martial art and how long have you participated?

What are you looking for in a martial art? Enter your answer below and check any other boxes that apply.

Do you want to learn more about street fighting?
Do you want to know more about rules based fighting?
Do you want to know more about grappling?
Do you want to know more about using submission style fighting?
Please enter any other questions/comments in the box below along with your email address so that I can get back to you!

Thank you for taking your time to fill out the survey. This will assure me that I am offering more of what YOU WANT on this site!

If the survey was missing something you would like to know more about, please let me know in the comment box below!

58 Responses to “Member Survey”

  1. avatar Fares Hasni says:

    Is taichi real if it is real do you know about it

    • avatar admin says:

      Yes, Tai Chi is a soft variation that originates from Kung Fu that is used for inner healing. It is based around basic form type movements done in a slow fashion with controlled breathing that enables a person to generate the flow of Chi to aid the healing process in the body.

    • avatar chirag raiyani says:

      it is real i,ve seen many chinese monks doing it but it takes years of true devotion in practise

      • avatar admin says:

        Hello Chirag,

        I am not sure what you are asking here …. is what real? If you are talking about learning Tai Chi I can assure you that it is very real. And yes, anything done well take years of true devotion to become highly skilled at. I am in my 18th year of learning Kung Fu and practicing with my Chi and have dedicated the rest of my life to learning more and teaching it to others.

  2. avatar NADIR NASIR says:

    Thank You very eager to learn

  3. avatar shika maru says:

    an interesting martial art that i want to try…

  4. avatar amanda de silva says:

    can we start the lessons

  5. avatar C Raman says:

    Thank you so much sir. Please guide me on learning Kung-Fu

  6. avatar Franklin McLaughlin says:

    is it possible to be proficient will kung fu through your online instructions and if so how often should i practice.

    • avatar admin says:

      Hi Franklin, thank you for the questions. The answer to your first question is absolutely yes! All instruction on this site is based on everything I have learned so far in the art of Kung Fu San Soo and it is all done with videos, images and text that is comprehensive and clear. And if you have questions along the way there is a forum for each level of instruction available to you to get the help you need.

      The answer to your 2nd question is to train a minimum of 3 times per week (every other day) or more. The longer you stay with the material and memorize it and make it part of your practice, just like life, the better you become!

  7. avatar suman malakar says:

    thanx sir, for teaching me kung fu and thanx for your guidance

  8. avatar ..... ???? says:

    i want to learn how to control chi

  9. avatar Stef Ottem says:

    I have great respect for you, to take the time to learn people kung fu, my frend had a hard time because his dad died, with kung fu he began to feel more sure of his self and he now shows my every day happy witch moves he learned (yesterday he showed me something he named de butterfly jump or something?¿ it looked pretty sweet)

    btw srry for my bad english (dutchman..)


    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Stef,

      No worries about your English. I get many comments and email requests that I have a hard time understanding and your comment was easy to understand compared to some. The Kung Fu lifestlye can help all people of the world understand how to walk in balance with the universe and their fellow man. I hope you enjoy the site and thank you for posting!

  10. avatar rohan george says:

    hello sir, how long will it take for me to learn a basic kung fu

    • avatar admin says:

      Thank you for the question. As in life, it will take as long as it takes for a couple of reasons. The more focus and repetition you put into it the faster you will become good at it and only you can judge when you feel like you have learned enough to be good at the basics. I have put enough material in the Basic categories that it will take you 6 months to a year to learn it all if you use it consistently.

      Good luck in your training!

  11. avatar john victor says:

    i want to join new for lessons may i?

    • avatar admin says:

      Hi John,

      Yes, it looks like you have joined the Silver Members section and can now view any of the video instruction posts in the “basic” section as well as the Silver Members forum …. enjoy!

      Sifu Tony

  12. avatar balraj saini says:

    please coach me kung fu ..

  13. avatar Callum McKay Smith says:

    I appreciate the time this must have taken to put together. Thanks for the help with everything.

    If i may ask a question not immediately related to the lessons… Why did you create this site?

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Callum,

      You are welcome and thank you for the question and I am glad you asked it! I have been teaching Kung Fu San Soo now for about 14 years here locally in the US and really enjoy helping students learn to defend themselves and especially enjoy the confidence that they gain. It is awesome for me to see how that confidence moves out to other parts of their lives and helps them create successful lives from the training.

      I am also a Certified Fitness Trainer (30 years experience) and get the same satisfaction from helping my clients with their health and fitness. I am also a web designer (18 years experience) and have had several years of video editing experience as well. These three areas of life are what I love to do in this world along with the study of human potential.

      So in 1995, I decided to put all my talents together to help others and started by creating eBooks and designed a website to get them out to the world called “Kung Fu Training Secrets”. Once the site became popular I was inundated with requests to help people all over the world learn self defense and a fitness lifestyle.

      I decided to create an on-line school at that point to help everyone that was contacting me and after a couple of years the school format was not working well enough to give those people the help they asked for because of the challenges I had teaching from a distance.

      In October of 2010 I chose to switch formats to a members site and included a lot of other features so that the members could interact with me as well as each other. I decided to break it up into levels of instruction in hopes that the material would be easier to learn and also decided if this was going to work the way I intended it to, I needed to give away the basic principles for free to develop the member base.

      So here we are in February of 2011 and the site has more than 900 Free members and about a dozen or so that have moved up into the paying memberships. I am glad I chose to do it this way because I know that the members that are serious enough to pursue this will reach great success in their lives and the ones that weren’t, at least got a chance to learn the basic fundamentals of Kung Fu!

      Good luck in your training!

      Sifu Tony Mendoza Jr.

  14. avatar Ali Mahmood says:

    hi admin i would like to learn kung fu please(online)

  15. avatar leopard gecko says:

    Thanks. Eager to learn from you. How long will this process take?

    • avatar admin says:

      To answer your question I have to know what you mean by “this process” because that all depends on what your goal is. If you are here to learn more about kung fu to get to a certain level of comfort and safety that all depends on what amount of time you devote to the information and training. I have put enough information into the Silver member section up to this point to give you about 6 months of instruction. If you are here to develop and learn a kung fu lifestyle than the amount of time it takes will be the rest of your life!

  16. avatar Kautilya Pratap Singh says:

    what is chi. if we learn it what are its benifits.
    can i learn it online?

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Kautilya and thank you for the question. Chi is actually best described as the energy that is the source of all there is and internal chi would be the life force of the body. We can measure the current and voltage of the human body and know that we are like water based batteries. When we die there no longer is any current or voltage left to measure. The history of the use of internal chi has been documented for thousands of years.

      When you hear about internal Chi energy today it is defined as the use of the energy system of the body to induce healing within our body or the body of another when used in a passive or positive manner. Chi can also be used in self defense to stop an attacker or even used to harm another person and used in this way would be considered aggressive rather than passive. The Chinese teachings indicate that we have a chi center within our body that is located just below the navel and is used to harness, store and generate chi energy.

      There are many exercises that are thousands of years old that can teach you how to amplify and generate the internal chi within your body. Chi is mostly used today as a way to heal the body through slowly controlled breathing and physical movement called Tai Chi or Chi Gong. I have learned to focus and amplify my internal chi and it is a very real experience and I use it mainly for healing injuries as well as energizing my body before working out or training.

      It is a learning process very similar to meditation but you are focusing through the chi center (below the navel) and the chakra (3rd eye) that is located in the frontal lobe of the brain. I will be adding internal chi strengthening exercises to the Platinum members area in the near future!

  17. avatar Robert Coskrey says:

    hello, just joined silver member section. Are there
    testing requirements before progressing to a new
    level in training? how much does it cost to move
    on in training beyond the silver membership?

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Robert and welcome to my members site! Currently there are not any testing requirements to progressing on this site for a couple of reasons.

      One of the main reasons is it is actually hard to teach the applications of any art at a distance that can offer any sort of belt system because I cannot fully evaluate the progress of the student and therefore cannot honestly promote students from a distance in good conscience.

      I do see the need for the student members to feel rewarded when they accomplish and master the instruction so I am in process of creating quizzes and mini exams that will either be sent via email or on site. Once they pass a quiz or exam they will be awarded some type of “merit badge” and then moved to the next level. However, this merit system will only be an on-site verification of their progress and not intended to tell a student what their physical level of expertise is in Kung Fu San Soo.

      One of my concerns is that anyone can go to say, Black Belt Magazine for example, and buy DVD instruction along with a black belt and assume that if they watch the videos and practice a few times that they will be a black belt! This concerns me because of the safety of the individual really not knowing how to protect themselves and can be dangerous to them by thinking that they are ready to do so.

      I think you can see the predicament that I am relaying to you! The only students I currently advance in a belt ranking system are the ones that I teach in person. So my point is that martial arts training based on belt level achievements really only works in a hands-on environment in a land based school.

      What I do offer that does work on-line is a membership site with three levels of video instruction that can be used to teach a person how to defend themselves in real world street encounters without any prerequisites to skill level.

      Below are descriptions of the 3 levels of membership I offer here at the site. This information can is also located on the right inner right hand side bar of the site under the “Subscribe Now!” heading.

      Level I (Silver) is FREE and consists of basic information and tips such as video instruction (currently 42 video posts) on basic stances, developing maximum striking power, basic blocking and the Kung Fu Video Tip Of The Week.

      Level II (Gold) is $12.97 per month and consists of intermediate information and tips such as video instruction on determining distance, closing the gap on your opponent, the element of surprise, the use of diversion and using your attackers momentum.

      Level III (Platinum) is $24.95 per month consists of advanced information and instructional video techniques such as blocking combination’s, the use of restraints and submissions, fighting multiple attackers, weapons disarmament as well as individualized one-on-one video coaching.

  18. avatar bharath kumar says:

    please tell me, can i learn kung fu when ever i start my account

    • avatar admin says:

      Thank you for joining and you can start any time. As a Silver Member everything in the Basic Section is available to you and I would suggest you start with the link “Getting Started” as this will direct you on how to best use the site ….. enjoy!

  19. avatar jaysen pangasian says:

    I wish I could be transformed and learn this fast. Really wanted to learn since I was a kid. :)

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Jaysen and thank you for joining! I can understand your enthusiasm to transform yourself but please take your time and study all the material I offer. Wanting something fast is alright if you just want something simple but learning to be good at Kung Fu will create a lifetime achievement and enjoyment if you look at it this way and enjoy the journey!

  20. avatar john daniel says:

    can i learn profesional kung fu meathods?

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello John,

      Only you can answer that question for yourself but coming here and registering is a good place to start! Thank you for joining and as a Silver Member everything in the Basic Section is available to you and I would suggest you start with the link “Getting Started” as this will direct you on how to best use the site ….. enjoy!

  21. avatar talha majeed says:

    i want to leant kung fu

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Talha,

      Thank you for joining and as a Silver Member everything in the Basic Section is available to you and I would suggest you start with the link “Getting Started” as this will direct you on how to best use the site ….. enjoy!

  22. avatar faizan Fareed says:

    Please tell me when lessons will start

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Faizan,

      Thank you for joining! The site is set up to be self-driven and laid out in progression so it is easy to learn. As a Silver Member, everything in the Basic Section is available to you and I would suggest you start with the link “Getting Started” as this will direct you on how to best use the site ….. enjoy!

  23. avatar clarize v.d berg says:

    Hi I’m new

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Clarize,

      Thank you for joining and as a Silver Member everything in the Basic Section is available to you and I would suggest you start with the link “Getting Started” as this will direct you on how to best use the site ….. enjoy!

  24. avatar dinesh reddy says:

    my age is 24 can i learn martial arts at this age

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Dinesh and thank you for the question. The answer is YES! We can continue to learn anything we choose until we die as this is an aspect of being human in that our nature is always to seek out new experiences. The direct answer is also yes and I am an example of that. Even though I knew how to take care of myself on the street I didn’t begin to learn Kung Fu until I was 33 years old. It is now 18 years later and I am a 5th degree black belt instructor doing my best to give back what I have learned in that time.

      The key to learning anything is to have a desire and/or love to devote the time and energy it takes to become proficient at what ever it is you choose to learn.

      Good luck and happy training!

  25. avatar mohamed fathy says:

    my age is 16
    and i am 197 cm and 130 KG

    What kind of martial arts i can learn at this age

    • avatar admin says:

      Hello Mohamed and thank you for the question. My answer is that you can learn any martial art that you chose to pursue! The particular martial art that I teach from (Kung Fu San Soo) isn’t based on the size or age of the person and in fact it is especially good for those of you that feel that you are too small or too old to protect yourselves from larger attackers. If you are in this group of thinkers then choose a style that emphasizes hitting vulnerable targets, taking the attackers balance, using the element of surprise and using leverages and locks to create pain compliance. All of these things are taught in San Soo and will allow a person of any size, physical condition or age to be able to protect themselves.

  26. avatar michael doodnat says:

    can u really learn to fight online?

    • avatar admin says:

      Michael, learning from a distance has it’s disadvantages but you can learn through the video instruction, preferably with a partner. Unless you have a partner, the things you will learn here will be just “theory” until you can practice with someone to allow it to become practical application!

  27. avatar Miles Hunter says:

    Hi, I’d like to learn the basics here, however I won’t be able to have a partner, what kind of disadvantages does this mean? Would I still be able to learn properly?

    one last question, how long should I practice per session?


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